Hexhamshire WI

The W.I. started in 1915 in Wales making 2015 the Centenary year. Our branch in Whitley Chapel was started in 1924 and has now been active for 91 years. We meet each month on the first Wednesday at 7.30 pm. in the Village Hall.

Our members are very friendly and welcome old and new, young and old. The meetings have a varied programme to try to include everyone and cater for a variety of tastes and interests. A typical meeting begins with ‘W.I. business’ followed by a speaker or demonstrator. We then enjoy a pooled supper and a good chat. Our December and April Birthday meetings involve a good meal either in the Village Hall or at an outside venue. In August we hold a Barbeque. At the AGM in May we elect the committee of 12 members.

During the year we enjoy many social outings – the theatre, a garden visit, an extra lunch out or anything else that takes our interest. We visit other WIs from time to time and invite other groups to visit us. Sometimes we undertake fund raising projects. in 2015, for the WI Centenary, we raised money and made pew cushions for St. Helens Church.

Potential members are welcome to come along as a guest before joining. So come for a visit. We would love to see you. Call Maureen Stevens, President 01434 605362 or Mary Christer, Secretary 01434 606505 for more details.




5 July  2017                         –  Lives of Tudor Housewives – Hazel Holiday

2 August 2017                    –  Wine and Cheese Open Evening 

6 September 2017             –  Life Behind Bars – Marge Rastall 

4 October 2017                  –  Daft As A Brush – Brian Burney

1 November 2017             –  Christmas Table Decorations – Maureen Lee & Joan Herold

6 December 2017             –  Christmas Meal Out

3 January 2018                –  Wine Tasting  – Helen Savage

7 February 2018              –  Members Night

7 March 2018                  –  Gertrude Bell – The Dessert Queen  – Anthony Atkinson

4 April 2018                     –   94th Birthday Meal

2 May 2018                      –   Annual Meeting

6 June 2018                    –   Dorothy’s Wells  –  Jim O’Connor




President           Maureen Stevens 605362

Vice President             Jean Gordon 673530

Secretary                  Mary Christer 606505

Asst. Sec.       Brenda Carrington 606684

Treasurer                Jane Wrighton 601022

Asst. Treas.                      Lynn Mould 673247

Competition Recorder   Lynda White 673247

Programme Secretary    Joan Herold 607888

Outing Secretary                 Joyce Willis 602496

Northumbrian Organiser       Jean Gordon 673530

WI Rep Parish Hall     Marion Henderson 673138

Moorland Group Meeting Rep Shirley Nixon 673362



And did those feet in ancient times

walk upon England’s mountains green

and was the holy lamb of God

on England’s pleasant pastures seen

And did the countenance divine

Shine forth upon those  clouded hills

among those dark satanic mills.

Bring me my bow of burning gold

bring me my arrow of desire

bring me my spear

O clouds unfold

Bring me my chariot of fire

I will not cease from mental fight

Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand

till we have built Jerusalem

in England’s green and pleasant land.