Hexhamshire Sportsfield and Play Area

Hexhamshire Sportsfield and Play Area is operated by the Parish Council for the  use and benefit of the residents of Hexhamshire. The north section of the land was kindly donated by the late Jimmy Oliver of Mollersteads and the southern section is leased by the Council from the Diocese of Newcastle.

The Sportsfield is available for sports and recreational activities and from time to time is used by residents for weddings and other events.  There is no charge for the use of the field, however, a donation towards the maintenance and upkeep of the field is very welcome, and the user must undertake to repair any damage to the land which may have occurred.  Full Terms and Conditions of Use can be viewed here .


Users of the Play Area are covered by the Parish Council’s Public Liability Insurance. If the field is to be used for a private event such as a wedding or barbeque, the user must take out their own Public Liability Insurance, and send a copy of the policy to the Parish Council at least one month prior to the event taking place.