Parish Council

The AGM will take place in the hall at 7.30 pm on Thursday 20 May.  All welcome.


Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council would like to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish. This Plan will act as supplementary guidance to the Northumberland Local Plan and will provide an opportunity for local residents to have a greater influence on local development. A number of parishes have already drawn up Neighbourhood Plans, the nearest being Allendale, and their plan can be readily viewed online via the Northumberland County Council website.

A planning consultant will be engaged to guide us through the process and assist with drafting the final document. At present there is government funding of up to £9,000 available to help finance the project and this is expected to meet a substantial proportion of the costs.

To be valid, the Plan must have full community involvement throughout the whole process and it could take about two years for a final version to be produced. As a first step we will need to find out what issues are of local concern and decide how they can be addressed in the Plan.

To start the ball rolling we will need to set up a steering group of about five or six local residents. If anyone is interested in joining the steering group or would like some more information please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07847 904139.

Alistair Stevens
18 May 2020

The Parish Council meets on the second Thursday of every month at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall. Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings.

The responsibilities of the Parish Council include:

  • Submission of comments to planning authority on planning applications.
  • Commons and village greens.
  • Playing fields, playgrounds and local open spaces. The sportsfield at Whitley Chapel is the responsibility of the Parish Council.  The area to the north was gifted to the council some years ago, while the area to the south is rented from the Diocese of Newcastle.  It consists of a football pitch, a hard tennis court and a children’s playground, and on the hillside to the east there is a bike track.
  • Public seats.
  • The Wetlands project.
  • Maintenance and conservation of the Dukesfield Arches
  • Representation on the Board of Trustees of the Parish Hall.
  • Representation on the four Parishes B.O.A.T.s joint committee.
  • Consultations on highway improvements and maintenance, public rights of way and social housing.



HPC terms of reference
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HPC planning procedure
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