Leek Club

Hexhamshire Leek Club was founded on November 30th 1961. The Inaugural meeting was held in the Parish Hall Whitley Chapel and saw the election of the first officers of the Club and the appointment of a committee. From the beginning the Club was to prove very popular and it was not long before the original membership had to be increased from 40 to 50 and yet still a waiting list for potential new members existed.

That popularity has continued over the years and the Club currently has a healthy membership of 60. We now have two types of membership open to any person 18 years of age and over and who live in or near Hexhamshire, they are Full Membership and Associate Membership.

One of the Club’s main interests is our concerted efforts to bring what we hope is a strong sense of community to the Shire, encompassing all age groups from the primary school upwards. We work closely with Whitley Chapel CE First School to involve the children in a variety of projects which are then displayed at our Annual Show.

The other purpose of our Club is for each Full member to show 2 leeks every year at our Annual Horticultural & Industrial Show. Also for Full, Associate and non- members to submit entries in the many other categories set out in the Show Schedule, for example flowers, fruit, vegetables, photography, jams and preserves, home baking, art etc. The Show is held the third Saturday in September at Whitley Chapel Parish Hall.

We enjoy a varied social calendar which gives all members and their friends the chance to meet and welcome residents from around the Shire and beyond.

Why not come and join us – for more information contact Jenny Stirling, Club Secretary, Tel: 01434 600509 or email: jenny@queensletch.com

Chairman: Clive Nixon
Chairman Social/Fundraising Committee: Michael Atkinson
Treasurer: Bob Bennett
Show Secretary : John Henderson
Leek Club Secretary: Jenny Stirling

01434 600509