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21/00371/FUL | Proposed shepherds hut for use as a self catering holiday accommodation. | High Rawgreen Cottage Steel Hexham Northumberland NE47 0HL

21/00403/FUL | Construction of Post Harvesting Barn | Land North East Of The Lee Hexham Northumberland

20/04003/VARYCO | Variation of condition 2 pursuant to planning permission 18/02654/FUL in order to enlarge the sitting room into the original lean to outbuilding(retrospective). | Gair Shield Farm Hexham Northumberland NE47 0HS

20/02180/FUL | Conversion, extension and alteration of existing coach house buildings to create a new wedding venue with associated demolition of existing outbuildings, new access, parking and landscaping (as amended) | Linnels Coach House Fellside Hexham Northumberland NE46 1TS


20/03484/FUL | Change of use of part of existing range of buildings (Sui Generis to C3) including alterations and demolition of part of existing outbuildings. | Moss House Whitley Chapel Hexham Northumberland NE47 0HL

20/03451/FUL | Redevelopment of holiday caravan park to site 15 caravans, construction of access road and associated drainage (Part Retrospective) | Lilswood Caravan Park Steel NE47 0HX

20/03445/FUL | Demolition of existing single storey extension and erection of proposed two storey extension | The Annexe High Juniper Hexham Northumberland NE46 1SN

20/02479/FUL | Retrospective: Change of use from agricultural and construction of wooden shed | 1 Linnels Cottages Hexham Northumberland NE46 1SD – GRANTED

20/02473/FUL | Single storey extension to existing nursing home | Close House Nursing Home U8074 Channel Wells Junction To Dipton Mill Junction Hexham NE46 1ST – GRANTED

20/02180/FUL | Proposed Wedding Venue | Linnels Coach House Fellside Hexham Northumberland NE46 1TS

20/01671/LBC | Listed Building Consent: To install a small secondary kitchen, an ensuite and two woodburning stoves. | Clickem House Steel Hexham Northumberland NE47 0HA – GRANTED

20/02039/BT | Proposal to remove phone box 01434602323 | PCO PCO1 Dipton Mill Road Hexham NE46 1YA

20/02040/BT | Proposal to remove phone box 01434673211 | Nr Whitley Chapel PCO1 Steel Hexham NE47 0HB

20/01569/FUL | Proposed two storey side extension | The Mill Blackhall Mill Steel NE47 0LF APPROVED 


19/05014/LBC | Listed Building Consent: Replace entrance door | Low Ardley Hexham Northumberland NE46 2LG – APPROVED

19/04886/FUL | Cabin type extension with glazed link to east of main school building. | Whitley Chapel C Of E First School Hexham Northumberland NE47 0HB – APPROVED
19/04843/FUL | Proposed agricultural barn. | Lee Nook Cottage Hexham Northumberland NE46 1SR – APPROVED
19/04100/FUL | Proposal for the erection of 3 polytunnels. | Land South West Of The Lee Hexham Northumberland
Received: 4 Oct 2019 – APPROVED 

Ref. No: 19/03109/FUL  Construction of ground floor single storey extension to rear and alterations to existing ground floor doors at East Long Lea Steel Hexham Northumberland NE47 0JD
Received: Wed 07 Aug 2019 | Validated: Tue 20 Aug 2019 – APPROVED

Ref. No: 19/03561/BT  Proposal to remove phone box
Nr Whitley Chapel PCO1 Steel Hexham NE47 0HB
Ref. No: 19/03558/BT |   Dipton Mill Road Hexham NE46 1YA
Received: Tue 20 Aug 2019 | Validated: Tue 20 Aug 2019

19/02065/FUL | New vehicular access off the C278 road. |
1 Agricultural Cottage Juniper Hexham Northumberland NE46 1SL
we received application on 17 July 19 APPROVED

19/01175/FUL | Newbiggin Home Farm Hexham Northumberland
New agricultural access to the farm.
Received: 9 April 2019 | Validated: 9 April  2019 – APPROVED

 19/01034/FUL |The Barn Hamburn Hall Hexham Northumberland NE46 2LF

19/00723/FUL |Windy Hill Farm Hexham Northumberland NE46 2JU

19/00151/FUL | Construction of two-storey extensions to the side and rear and porch to front | Blackhall Mill The Mill Juniper Steel NE47 0LF  – REFUSED


18/02380/FUL | Refurbishment of caravan park, to include replacement of 15 static holiday units, revision to site layout to include access road and relocation of amenity area. Demolition of redundant toilet block, and erection of service building. Installation of site lighting. Provision of wardens static unit. Alteration of open period to from 10 months to 12 months | Lilswood Caravan Park Steel Hexham Northumberland NE47 0HX

18/02654/FUL| Refurbishment of the redundant original farmhouse including a new two storey rear extension, and conversion of existing attached stable building into a one bedroom holiday cottage | Gair Shield Farm Hexham Northumberland NE47 0HS APPROVED

18/01834/COU | Change of use to convert commercial kennels back to their original construction as private equestrian stables. |Eads Bush Steel Hexham Northumberland NE47 0HZ APPROVED 

18/02435/RENE | Installation of 36 ground mounted pv panels | The Barn Hamburn Hall Hexham Northumberland NE46 2LF APPROVED 

18/02262/VARYCO | Variation of Condition 2 (approved plans) pursuant to planning permission 17/01319/FUL in order to allow the creation of first floor accommodation within the roof void | Land South Of Leafields Hexham Northumberland APPROVED 

18/01674/FUL | Removal of existing lean to side extension and replacement with two storey side extension | The Barn Hamburn Hall Hexham Northumberland NE46 2LF REFUSED 

18/01317/FUL | Construction of single storey rear extension to north elevation | Stotsfold Lodge Hexham Northumberland NE47 0HP APPROVED 

18/00416/FUL | Construction of two storey side and rear extension | The Mill Blackhall Mill C278 Steel To Low Juniper Steel NE47 0LF WITHDRAWN


17/04316/FUL | The proposed development involves the refurbishment of the original farm dwelling including a new extension to the rear with conversion of the adjoining outbuilding to a self catering holiday unit. | Gair Shield Farm Hexham Northumberland NE47 0HS WITHDRAWN

17/04078/FUL | Proposed erection of three polytunnels | Land South West Of The Lee Hexham Northumberland APPROVED 

17/03768/LBC | Listed Building Consent for change of use from holiday cottage to permanent residential dwelling with internal alterations including the replacement of spiral staircase with standard staircase fitted to stud wall and the fitting of a log burner using the existing chimney to vent smoke | Dye House Chapel Steel Hexham Northumberland NE47 0LE APPROVED 

17/03767/FUL | Change of use from holiday cottage to permanent residential dwelling with internal alterations. | Riverside Chapel Steel Hexham Northumberland NE47 0LE APPROVED 

17/02826/FUL | Proposed demolition of existing sunroom and construction of 4.0m x 10.8m sunroom extension to the front South East Elevation | 1 Agricultural Cottage Juniper Hexham Northumberland NE46 1SL APPROVED

17/02756/AGRGDO | Prior notification for construction of a steel building to house tools and equipment necessary for forestry management and a biomass pelletisation machine | Land South West Of Annies Plantation Hexham Northumberland WITHDRAWN

17/02700/AGRGDO | Prior notification for the construction of two agricultural buildings (amended description) | Land West Of Black Hall Steel Northumberland WITHDRAWN
17/02678/COU | Change of use of existing dog kennels to be used as Dog Boarding kennels and Dog Grooming Room | Stotsfold Lodge U8063 Stotsfold Farm Junction To Burntridge Moor Hexham NE47 0HP APPROVED 

17/02370/LBC | Listed Building Consent for conversion of traditional agricultural buildings to two dwellings together with minor link extension and external alterations | Houtley Farm Hexham NE46 1TA APPROVED 

17/01782/LBC | Listed Building Consent: Remedial work to first floor trusses supporting the stone roof, inserting new doorway to rear by adapting existing modern window, moving access to first floor bedroom from lounge to hallway, inserting new glazed doorway and associated glass screen in place of two modern windows in modern rear extension, three conservation roof-lights to be installed in in the shallow-pitch slate roof of the rear extension | Clickem House Steel Northumberland NE47 0HA  APPROVED 

17/01273/FUL | Proposed works to moorland tracks. | Allendale Common APPROVED, WITH CONDITIONS

17/01319/FUL | Proposal for existing store to be demolished and the erection of a holiday let (use class C3) | Leafields Hexham Northumberland NE46 1SX APPROVED 

17/01105/FUL | Proposed conversion of existing barn to a dwelling | Lambshield Farm Hexham Northumberland NE46 1SF APPROVED 

17/00071/LBC | Listed Building Consent: Repoint front & East gable replacing the present cement mortar with a lime mortar, replace damp concrete floors with limecrete to indicated rooms on ground floor & replace, where necessary, in those same rooms, any cement based plaster with natural lime plaster | Clickem House APPROVED 

17/00004/PREAPP | Proposal to create a hard core track between field gate and implement store | The Lee Hexham Northumberland NE46 1SR


16/04496/LBC | Listed Building Consent: Replace cement fillets with lead flashings to back & front where two-story part of the building meets one-story parts on either side |Clickem House C278 Lilswood Farm To Whitley Chapel Slaley NE47 0HA APPROVED 

16/04335/FUL | Proposed erection of barn. | Land East Of Oaklea Bungalow Steel Northumberland APPROVED
16/04273/FUL | Demolition of bungalow on eastern side and rebuild to allow improved layout, living space and circulation of house to provide a wheelchair accessible home |The Bungalow Low Juniper Hexham Northumberland NE47 0LA APPROVED
 16/04259/FULErection of 12m high lattice steel mast with aerials on agricultural land for purpose of receiving and transmitting microwave radio broadband signals to remote parts of Parish of Hexhamshire | Walley Thorn Hexham Northumberland NE46 2LG APPROVED

16/03881/FUL | Demolition and retention of redundant buildings and construction of one new self catering holiday unit | Chapel House Slaley Hexham Northumberland NE47 0HD  APPROVED

16/03883/FUL | Erection of two polytunnels | The Lee U8074 Channel Wells Junction To Dipton Mill Junction Hexham NE46 1SR APPROVED 

16/03703/FUL | Proposed extension and reconfiguration of former Bed and Breakfast to create a family home. | Peth Head Cottage Low Juniper Hexham Northumberland NE47 0LA APPROVED 

16/02881/FUL | Proposed 4 bedroom dwelling at Loadman Farm. | Land North Of Loadman Farm Loadman Farm Hexham Northumberland NE46 2JX  APPROVED 

16/02342/FUL | Alterations to existing garage and subsequent conversion to ancillary space | Steel Farm Steel Hexham Northumberland NE47 0LG APPROVED

16/02107/FUL | Proposed conversion of redundant farm buildings to 1No dwelling | Land East Of White Hall APPROVED 

16/01956/FUL | Proposed construction of detached implement store | The Lee Hexham Northumberland NE46 1SR  APPROVED

16/01520/FUL | Construction of livestock building | Land At Low Eshells Hexham Northumberland APPROVED

16/00212/PREAPP | To replace timber conservatory roof and doors of listed building with PVC construction in sympathetic colour and with timber-like finish | Steel House Steel Hexham Northumberland NE47 0LG  REFUSED

16/01402/FELTPO | Tree Preservation Order Application – Fell one mature ash tree (T15) and crown lift up to 4m of one large ash tree (T16). | Teachers Cottage Ordley Village Hexham Northumberland NE46 1SX  APPROVED

16/01249/FUL | Erection of shed for grounds maintenance equipment and dog kennel | Paise Farmhouse Lowgate NE46 2NX   APPROVED

16/00893/FUL | Resubmission of application 15/03659/FUL – Improve the surface along approx 8,000m of public bridle paths | Allendale Common Bridleway Allendale Tynedale District Bridleway 059 Allendale Northumberland1 APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

16/00363/FUL  Two storey and single storey extension to South West elevation Dye House, Steel, Hexham  APPROVED

16/00225/PRUTPO  Tree Preservation Order – T13 Ash tree reduce height & trim area A reduce by 11%. area B reduce by 7.5%. area C1 and C2 by 27%. ; T14 Ash Tree remove dead stub .  Crossfield Ordley Village Hexham Northumberland NE46 1SX  APPROVED, WITH CONDITIONS


15/03189/FUL | Proposed Early Years playground with equipment, installation of a gate to the playground with gravel footpath, removal of 2no. trees and pollard the remaining trees within the site. (Description amended 7.12.15)(additional information received 4.2.16).  Whitley Chapel C Of E First School Hexham Northumberland NE47 0HB  APPROVED